How do Submittal Credits Work?

Learn the rules behind what constitutes a submittal credit and how to know when you're using one!

What is a Submittal Credit?

Reference our Pricing Guide Article for more on how our pricing plans, subscriptions, and credits work!

A submittal credit is a token that represents a the value of 1 Parspec submittal that gets shared or downloaded once compiled. Your pricing plan is based on a total budget of submittal credits that gets allocated to your team account at the beginning of each billing cycle.

Tip: Admin users can view this remaining submittal credit amount under Settings > Plan & Payment

When does a Submittal Credit get used?

A submittal credit is used when a submittal is shared or downloaded once compiled. Any submittal that hasn't been compiled and shared or downloaded does not use one of your accounts submittal credits!

Questions & Answers

  • Q: So I can parse as many schedules as I want without using a submittal credit?
    • A: Yup 😏
  • Q: What if I edit a submittal thats been compiled and shared or downloaded already? Does that use another one of my credits?
    • A: No! We know things change and tweaks must be made, so we allow you go back and make edits to your submittals that have already been shared or downloaded for no extra credit usage. 🙌
  • Q: What happens if I use all my credits before my next billing cycle?
    • A: Thats a great question, reference this article to know how our pricing plans work for upgrades, downgrades, and rollovers!