Parspec Pricing Guide

Learn all about our subscription model and pick the solution that's right for your team!

Parspec offers a transparent, usage-based pricing model. Our subscription plans are structured around Platform Credits instead of the conventional licensing or seat-based approach, granting you the freedom of unlimited users. Let's explore the key details:
  1. Usage Based on Platform Credits
    Your usage is determined by the number of Platform Credits consumed during your payment period.
  2. Platform Credits Allocation
    Your chosen subscription tier determines the number of Platform Credits you receive. We currently offer a selection of standard tiers to choose from based on your credit needs. More on that below!
  3. Services Exchange for Credits
    With Parspec, you and your permitted users can access various services in exchange for Platform Credits:
    1. Parspec Submittal: Create and share for review/approval. Requires 1 Platform Credit for product datasheets, and 1 additional Credit if product installation manuals/warranties are included.
    2. Parspec O&M: Create and share for review/approval. Requires 1 Platform Credit for construction product installation manuals/warranties, and 1 additional Credit if product datasheets are included.
    3. Parspec Quote: Create and share a quote for review/approval. Requires 1 Platform Credit if the Quote includes product pricing.
    4. Product Finder: Access our Product Finder throughout your subscription.
      • Annual Plan: 100 Credits per user/year.
      • Monthly Plan: 10 Credits per user/month. 
      • You can activate a Product Finder seat at any time, and the credits will be deducted from your account. You have the flexibility to assign seats to different users throughout your billing period. The credits are prorated depending on the progress of your billing cycle. For example, activating Product Finder for a user halfway through an annual plan will cost 50 credits.

We charge a maximum of 1 credit per type of service, per Bill of Materials. This means that versioning submittals, O&Ms, or quotes will NOT use additional credits.

For example: If you have used 1 credit to include datasheets in your submittal, you can include datasheets in an O&M Package for that BOM for no additional credits. Same goes for warranties and/or installation manuals. 

Subscription Offerings:

Parspec offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to your usage needs. Each plan comes with a credit allowance which can be used to access Product Finder seats or to create quotes, submittals, or O&M documents.

The current standard plans are all billed annually. Please contact sales to learn more about monthly billing options and pricing.

Note: Quoting services are only for Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Enterprise subscriptions. 

Subscription Renewals/Upgrades/Downgrades:

What happens if you run out of submittal credits? 

  1. Subscription Auto-Upgrade (Default):

    By default, if your team exhausts all available submittal credits, your subscription will automatically upgrade to the next tier, and your billing cycle will reset accordingly. Admins have the option to disable this automatic upgrade in the settings on the Plan & Payment page.
  2. Subscription manual refresh:
    If you've opted out of auto-renewal and find yourself without credits, you have two options:
    1. Wait until the end of the billing period.
    2. Contact our sales team to discuss the terms of renewal at your current tier.
  3. Subscription Downgrade:

    If you wish to downgrade or cancel your subscription, you have two ways to do it:
    1. Select a new tier directly in the app on the Plan & Payment page.
    2. Reach out to our sales team for assistance.
Please note that downgrades take effect after the completion of the current billing cycle.

Unused Credits:

What happens if you don't use all your submittal credits? 

Annual plans will not have the option for credit rollover, while monthly plans can roll over credits for up to one month's worth.