Admin & User Permission Levels

Learn what the permission levels mean in Parspec. Assign the right permissions to your team members.

User Permissions

Users have access to all screens and features except those listed under the section below.

Admin Permissions

Admins have access to all the screens and features accessible to users. In addition, they have access to the following: 

  • Remove users from the team.
  • Change users' permission level.
  • View and edit Plan and Payment.

The person creating the account will be listed as an Admin by default, all other members will be listed as users.

There needs to be at least one account Admin at all times. To change your team Admin, assign Admin permissions to another user prior to revoking admin permissions of the current Admin. 

If the only Admin of your team no longer has access to their account, reach out to us via the in-app messenger, or email us at