How to get better search results?

Take a look at some best practices you can leverage to maximize the Parspec search engine so you get the most accurate results.

As we all know, product schedules and product info can come in all shapes and sizes from your customers. So here are some best practices to follow to make sure you always get the best search results Parspec has to offer!
  1. Put the model number at the beginning of the "Model Number" field.
    1. Example: For this Lightology product, you want to make sure the model number is at the beginning of the query when it searches and not any notes. Instead of searching for  GLASS UP DOWN WALL SCONCE - ICW1009392 you should put ICW1009392 - GLASS UP DOWN WALL SCONCE. 
  2. Use the Notes column for notes and remove what you can from the Model Number field
    1. Example: Using the same example here, enter ICW1009392 into the Model number field and paste the GLASS UP DOWN WALL SCONCE into the Notes field. This will ensure the best results!