December 2022 Product Updates

New features released in December 2022

New Features 🎉

  • Import quantities from your quote or schedule 📝
    After selecting the product information to import, indicate the column you'd like to bring in as the product quantities by selecting 'Quantity' in the dropdown!

  • Custom Stamps & simplified annotations toolbar 🔥
    You can now find all our annotation tools in the main toolbar when annotating a document. No more hidden features, they're all 1-click accessible.

    That's the perfect timing to explore our Rubber Stamp annotation tool! We will now remember your custom stamps, which will be available across your company! This is an easy way to leave commonly used messages such as 'Specify Finish' or 'Specify Length'

  • Display project information on the Table of Contents & Notes summary pages
    Submittals never stay neatly stapled together. They're often pulled apart to the point where finding which pages belong to which document becomes a logistical nightmare.
    We're now letting you include project details on product list pages (Table of Contents & Notes Summary).